SELI @ The Lab shows SELI, an interactive installation of self-organizing textures, at "the Lab" offspace during Art Basel 2022.


In this installation, every pixel has a life of its own. Biomimicry at the cellular level, made accessible in SELI by means of selection and agitation. The projections are mesmerizing and feel oddly familiar.

The underlying principles are on display in the adjacent "lab" room, with the option to participate with new visual material, training a neural network that becomes part of the installation.

The Lab

St.Johanns-Rheinweg 43, 4056 Basel, Switzerland

"During Art Basel we will install an improvised joint lab for mainly artist run/independent initiatives active in the field of digital and research based art in the former university building of the section of conservation biology, on the left bank of the Rhine river."

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Poster: Cellular Automata (CA): Biologically Inspired Design Principle

[1] Self-Organising Textures
[2] Texture Generation with Neural Cellular Automata
[3] Play Conway's "Game of Life"
[4] Growing Isotropic Neural Cellular Automata
[5] ╬╝NCA: Texture Generation with Ultra-Compact Neural Cellular Automata
[6] Differentiable Programming of Reaction-Diffusion Patterns

Poster: Machine Learning (ML): A Comparison of two Neural Networks

[1] Texture Generation with Neural Cellular Automata
[2] Very Deep Convolutional Networks for Large-Scale Image Recognition

Colab: seli@art22 - train
Colab: seli@art22 - select